Trotter Multicultural Center

Timeline of William Monroe Trotter's Life

Over the years, curiosity about the man for whom the William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center takes its name, peaked among faculty, staff, and students. Indeed, those with some sense of the Center’s history—those, in fact, who knew that the Trotter Multicultural Center emerged in the aftermath of the black student protest movement of the 1970s—and those with little-to-no knowledge of any of this social movement history, all began to wonder about William Monroe Trotter himself.

The Intersections of Faith (Interfaith Conversations)

The Interfaith Program at the Trotter Multicultural Center will be hosting its second of many monthly conversations on Monday November 18, 2019. The topic is intersectionality and we will be discussing how our other social identities, like race, gender, sexual orientation, ability status, SES, can affect how we practice faith and vice versa. The focus here is to gather students from diverse backgrounds of religious and spiritual identities to discuss what their experience has been like and how their stated identity impacts their social well-being and academic life.


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