Additional Information

Trotter Multicultural Center Approved Caterers

All food, beverages, and associated catering equipment must be provided by either Michigan Catering or an approved restaurant or catering organization. Please refer to the list of Trotter Multicultural Center Approved Caterers for current vendors.

Tabling Tuesday Reservation Request

Interested in having a table at Trotter Multicultural Center? Every Tuesday, Trotter will hold a tabling event outside the Medium Meeting Room under the TV. There will be four 45-minute time slots for the tabling to take place and 15 minutes for clean-up before the next group arrives between 12 and 4 p.m. We will offer appointment slots on a first come, first served basis through Google Calendar.

Trotter Multicultural Center Facilities Use Policy

This policy is intended to facilitate the fair allocation and efficient use of facilities within the Trotter Multicultural Center and to provide for the uniform and consistent administration of the Trotter Multicultural Center facility usage.