Trotter Multicultural Center

In partnership with Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (MESA), University Housing, and the U-M Latina/o Studies Program, the Trotter Distinguished Leadership Series invites you to the “Hailing Cesar” film screening and discussion with Eduardo Chavez, grandson of civil rights activist César Chávez.

Date: January 15, 2019

Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: Rackham Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Event registration:

About the Film

Hailing Cesar is a film about Eduardo Chávez’s journey to understand the legacy and struggle of his grandfather, the civil rights activist César Chávez.

Eduardo was only three years old when César passed away. Growing up comfortably in the San Francisco Bay Area, where his father Fernando was a lawyer, Eduardo had difficulty connecting with his grandfather’s life.​

After a turning point in his life, Eduardo began to explore the places, learn about the people, and carry out the activities that were so important to César. Eduardo’s journey included working in the fields, picking grapes, as both his grandfather and father once did.​

Eduardo’s goal is to share César's message with a new generation. This film is Eduardo’s first step in honoring his legacy.

Eduardo Chávez
Director, Actor, Activist

As the grandson of both the legendary civil rights activist César Chávez and the Cuban revolutionary Max Lesnik, Eduardo Chávez is the scion of two revolutionary families. This background has informed the majority of his work so far.

Eduardo is making his directorial debut with the feature documentary, "Hailing Cesar," released in April 2018. He is the co-founder of Latindia Studios and a member of the Speakers’ Board for the Chávez Institute for Law and Social Justice.

Eduardo attended Loyola Marymount University on a golf scholarship and graduated with a B.A. in communications. After college, he played professional golf and studied acting in Miami and Los Angeles.