Trotter Multicultural Center

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Allow Trotter to assist you in filling your cup and empowering each other to push through.

72 Hour Study Break

Join us twice a year for our biannual 72 Hour Study Break! Not only do we have quiet space for your studying needs, but we also have room for you to take a break from the stress that is finals week. Brunch, dinner, massages, tutoring, and so much more! 

Image of students enjoying the therapy dogs at the 72 Hour Study Break

Trotter Water Drive

Trotter Launches a Week-Long Water Drive to Provide Temporary Relief to the People Of Flint As the people of Flint struggle with the reality of not having access to potable water, Trotter calls upon you to lend a hand. The drive begins Friday, January 22 and will be ongoing. The problem will be an indefinite reality for the people of Flint, so we will be providing support in an ongoing capacity. 


Paint No Pour

Enjoying painting, hanging out with friends, and having a blast? Join us once a month for our Paint No Pour program on Thursday evenings!

Flyer for Paint No Pour. All information in graphic contained in article.