Trotter Multicultural Center

Student Wellness Programming

Trotter Multicultural Center provides programming for undergraduate and graduate students to "flourish" by focusing on many dimensions of wellness. Using the Wellness Wheel model developed by the University Health Service's Wolverine Wellness program, we discuss the importance of holistic well-being using interactive workshop-based modules with wellness experts from on and off-campus.

Trotter Distinguished Leadership Series

The Trotter Distinguished Leadership Series is designed to increase healthy discourse and learning throughout U-M by inviting speakers from the political and public service sectors of national and international note. Our goal is to bring together bright minds with talks that are idea-focused on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter to students at the University of Michigan.


Interfaith Program

The Interfaith Program at the Trotter Multicultural Center is a campus-wide initiative to foster religious, spiritual, and secular identity for all. It endeavors to create opportunities and space to assist students as they make meaning of life’s deepest questions, grapple with who they are called to be and determine the impact they want to have in the world. Through intentionally planned programs and staff support, they will make transformative connections with their peers across identities, experiences, and academic pursuits.

Inclusive Student Leadership Programming

The Trotter Multicultural Center (TMC) has a long history of supporting student leadership, free and accessible, social justice, and global citizenship. Inclusive student leadership programming is TMC's innovative new approach to developing student leaders who understand both multiculturalism and social justice, while at the same time recognizing the nuances of individual identities. The primary goal of this program is to inspire student leaders to practice equitable service to campus student organizations and groups now and take their expertise into their future careers.

Arts, Food, and Music Programming

The Trotter Multicultural Center provides a broad range of arts, music, and food-related activities and events that are student designed and centered. Examples of programming include heritage month events and activities that explore a diverse arts, music, and/or food, live cultural art and music performances led by students and the broader campus community.