Trotter Multicultural Center

The Trotter Multicultural Center is proud to be a partner and sponsor to the Michigan Radio podcast called Same Same Different. Launched on October 7, 2019, this five-part podcast series will explore questions such as “who are you to tell me that I’m an OTHER anyway?” It is being produced to not only offer skills for surviving “otherness” but also it will provide tools to be a better human. The series highlights voices from marginalized and misunderstood communities, including LGBTQ, African-American, Muslim, evangelical Christian, Latinx, people with disabilities, and the body-positive community.

Bryce Huffman is the host of the Same Same Different podcast. Executive producer Jennifer Guerra oversaw the production of Believed, the Michigan Radio’s Peabody Award-winning podcast about Larry Nassar, and managed the development of the Same Same Different podcast. Senior editor Sarah Hulett works with reporters on enterprise and long-form reporting projects and was the editor for the Believed and Same Same Different podcasts.